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Madikeri is the headquarters of Kodagu district which is the smallest district in the state of Karnataka. Its population has been increased from 6732 in 1901 to 28750 in 1991. Madikeri is a minor hill station with heavier rainfall. There are many historical monuments. It is surrounded by rich environment in fauna because of the dense and evergreen forest and valleys. The elephants are found in Nagarahole and Thithimathi forest ranges in Kodagu district. Madikeri is rech in the spots of scenic beauty and historical monuments which could be considered for declaring it as a tourist resort. It has local spots of landscape and pilgrimage interest. There are Omkareshwara temple, the fort, the museum, the picturesque Raja’s Seat, the Raja’s tomb at Gaddige and the Abbey Falls. Further, a number of easily accessible places like Baghamandala and Talakaveri (pilgrimage centres), Nagarahole (game sanctuary) are situated.

Keeping in view the importance of the town and to regulate its growth by providing all facilities required not only to the people likely to be settled there, but also the tourists, the Department of Town Planning opened a branch office of the Assistant Director of town Planning at Madikeri on 10.7.1975. The office has prepared the draft Development Plan to guide the orderly development of the city. However, as this plan was not backed by any statutory provisions, it did not get materialized to the extent desired.

Hence, the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act was extended to the city by declaring the Local Planning Area vide Government Order No. HMA 61 TTP 77 dated 29.07.77 covering an area of 9347 hects. Under the said Act, The Government constituted the planning Authority for the city of Madikeri. It was assisted by the office of the Assistant Director of Town Planning, Madikeri. The Planning Authority after its constitution has prepared the Outline Development Plan which is the first step in preparation of plan under the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act for Madikeri Local Planning Area. It was finally approved by the Government in Order No. HUD 450 TTP 87 dated 16.11.88. As the Planning Authority was not position to take up any development or improvement works like formation of the layouts providing amenities etc. an Urban Development Authority was constituted in 1988 under a separate statute called the Karnataka Urban Development Authority Act. 1987 amalgamating the planning Authority constituted earlier.

As per the provision of the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act 1961, the outline Development Plan has to be replaced by a more detailed Comprehensive Development Plan and it should be prepared within a period of 3 years. Accordingly, the Urban Development Authority, Madikeri which is entrusted with the planning functions, took up the preparation of Comprehensive Development Plan, and submitted it the provisional approval of the Government.

As per Section 21 of the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act 1961 Comprehensive Development Plan generally indicate the manner in which the development and improvement of the entire planning area are to be carried out and regulated which shall include a series of maps and documents showing proposals as under, namely; (a) comprehensive zoning of land use for the planning are, together with zoning regulations. (b) complete street pattern, indicating major and minor roads, national and state highways and traffic circulation, pattern, for meeting immediate and future requirements.; (c) areas reserved for agriculture, parks, playground and other recreational uses, public open spaces, public building and institutions and areas reserved for such other purposes as may be expedient for new civic development; (d) widening of such road and highways in congested area; (e) area for new housing; (f) new areas earmarked for future development and expansion; and (g) the stage by which the plan is to be carried out.

This plan has been targeted for the period 2011 for the anticipated population of 50,000. Taking into consideration the topography and the climatic conditions, the proposals have been worked out. In the plan, the total land required for development plan has been estimated as 672.25hects. Out of which 417.97, hect a major portion is earmarked for residential purpose. The proposal has been worked out for improving the geometrics of the road net work and also to make available the much needed civic facilities.

Any plan without regulations cannot be implemented. As such, the Comprehensive Development Plan also consists of Zoning Regulations which would act as a tool for successful implementation of the plan proposals. In the Zoning regulations, the area of special control has also been identified to preserve the historical monuments like Raja’s Seat, Rajah’s tomb and Fort Area.

The comprehensive development plan thus prepared was provisionally approved by the government in G.O.No. UD 255 TTP 96, Bangalore Dtd.1-2-97. It was published for comments of the general public giving one month’s time. In all, ten objections / suggestions were received by the Authority each of which was deliberated and disposed off after taking appropriate decision.

It is hoped that the plan now finalized if implemented properly, would help to a greater extent for ensuring orderly and planned development of the city. The conditions prescribed by the Government in the provisional approval to the comprehensive development plan as also the objections / resolutions called for by the Authority from the Public which were deliberated and the resolutions thus adopted have been incorporated in this Report. As per Sec22 (3), of the Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act 1961, the report is submitted to the Government through the Director of Town Planning for final approval.

The Authority wishes to record its appreciation to the Director of Town Planning and the personnel of the Department who rendered all the help necessary for the preparation of this document.